Video capture ActiveX control

VideoCapX video capture ActiveX control allows developers to easily add access to digital video capture cards and cameras to their applications.

Full access to USB cam, TV tuner, DV camcorders, PCI grabber cards, fire-wire or any other WDM-compatible device.

Video player OCX and more

Whether you are creating a multimedia player, a TiVo or TV tuner app, a Web cam, a networked security application, a photo ID database, an industrial monitoring system, or a medical imaging device, VideoCapX solves your need to grab and save those images and video sequences.

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If VideoCapX features doesn't cover all your needs, contact us for custom development services. We offer competitive rates for .NET and MFC/Win32 video/multimedia development projects.

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All functions in trial version including Axis ActiveX camera control

VideoCapX is a great ActiveX control for video capturing and video playment. You can access the most common devices with it and process the captured material through several effect. Extracting frames as pictures is also possible and it has an integrated motion detection. You can capture more devices at the same time.

This video capture ActiveX control is ideal if you are working on any video application which should be reliable. Especially for security and TiVo applications, but also very useful for photo ID databases, monitoring systems and medical imaging devices. With VideoCapX you can capture, process images and video sequences. Read our feature list to convince yourself that VideoCapX is an extraordinary video capture ActiveX control:


  • Full access to USB cam, TV tuner, DV camcorders, PCI grabber cards, fire-wire or any other WDM-compatible device
  • Easily build video-surveillance , quality control or video-conferencing apps.
  • Capture live video and audio
  • Text/Logo/Image overlay on video
  • Full multimedia player functionality
  • Capture live audio directly to MP3.
  • Support for multiple video inputs
  • Motion detection
  • Chroma-key effect (live or post-process)
  • Samples with full source code included
  • Works with VC++, VB6, VB.NET, C#, VPF, Delphi, LabView
  • Transfer video over network. Video-chat functionality.
  • Broadcast live video to Windows Media clients
  • Save video frames as JPG or PNG

Axis ActiveX Camera Control

VideoCapX is a ActiveX control which has full support for Axis cameras. Download your trial version today and see it in action.


"The most complete control for audio and video operations, in particular that allow to select installed devices. Many compliments. "

Roberto Marchese

"This works great! There is nothing, that I have found and I've been looking, like this on the market."

Bert R.

"The Forensic Linguistics Institute uses fathsoft software to assist in the analysis of video evidence in criminal cases. We find this software extremely useful in our analyses and very easy to use."

Dr. John Olsson
Director, The Forensic Linguistics Institute

"The support and responsiveness of this company is by far the best in the industry. They listen to your needs and suggestions. They always answer questions and provide working samples. Hats off to a great team!"

Bob Hiller
Lifts for the Disabled LLC