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Feature Standard
Full access to USB cam, TV tuner, DV camcorders, PCI grabber cards, fire-wire or any other WDM-compatible device
Support for multiple video inputs
Capture live video and audio
Text/Logo/Image overlay on video
Full multimedia player functionality
Capture live audio directly to MP3
Pause and resume capture without frame loss
Motion detection
Easily build video-surveillance , quality control or video-conferencing apps
Save video frames as JPG or PNG
Full access to RGB pixel data
Chroma-key effect (live or post-process)
Video-processing filters available
Resize, crop or zoom video
Samples with full source code included
Add video-capture to your web pages
Control PTZ camera, set brightness, saturation, hue, contrast
Draw graphics on video
Supports VC++, VB6, VB.NET, C#
Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Preview live video or playback video files to DeckLink card output
Video preview, capture and motion detection from IP/network cameras
Transfer video over network. Video-chat functionality.
Broadcast live video to Windows Media clients
Create video buffer which holds last X seconds of camera video in computer memory and save it to video file when needed.
Price $299

If VideoCapX features don't cover all your needs, contact us for custom development services. We offer competitive rates for .NET and MFC/Win32 video/multimedia development projects.

Screenshots of sample applications included in the VideoCapX package

Control contrast, brightness, hue, saturation on live or playing videos. Easily send video over the network/internet for video-conference applications. Use any DirectShow video codec for video compression. Video-capture application. To start video preview, add just two lines of code:
VideoCapX.Preview=True Put VideoCapX object on your web pages to allow visitors to take pictures or videos and upload to your web server. Capture audio to WAV or directly to MP3 files. Sample audio-capture app included. Control PTZ camera settings (pan, tilt, zoom) . Apply live chroma-key effect to your videos. Use still image or video file as a background. Connect to network/IP camera and capture video as if it is attached to your computer. Re-compress or convert existing AVI/WMV video files .

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